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Foundations in Forensic Accounting


Introducing Foundations in Forensic Accounting: A Multimedia Casebook

Foundations in Forensic Accounting contains nine different video-enhanced e-cases and can serve as a great replacement for your current forensic accounting textbook or can be used to supplement your current course materials.

Each case comes with auto-graded assessments that students take online, teaching notes for each case and materials to aid with in-class discussions. You can customize the casebook to suit your course needs by requesting that it include only the cases you plan to use and by submitting your own assessment questions which can replace the questions provided.

The following cases are included in the standard version:

 * House of Cards: Understanding Fraud and Decision-making

    • * The Unusual Suspect

* Unintended Consequences

* Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes

* Trading Places: The Story of a Rogue Stockbroker

* How Fraud Begins - a motion comic

* Going South: Lessons From the HealthSouth Fraud

* Whistling While You Work: One Controller's Story

* The $53 Million Question: Who's Responsible for Catching Fraud?


If you have any questions about this casebook, please contact support via email at support@heliosdigital.com or call 312-789-4470.


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